What can you do with over 200,000 PLR Articles?

PLR articles are articles that can be edited or used as they are. Unlike free reprint articles, you do not have to link back to the source of the article. In essence, plr articles are yours to do what you wish with.

PLR articles are an obvious and huge help for those who run a website or blog. With enormous collection being sold on this website, you have an endless source of content. If you don't have time to write articles, or just want more content to add to what you give your visitors, plr articles are an excellent resource. 

Since our pack contains hundreds and hundreds of topics, you can find what you need to add content to your website or blog.

Beyond the obvious, there are several other great uses of plr articles:

They can be used in a newsletter: You can send a plr article out instantly or you can rewrite parts of it to give it your own personal touch.

They can be used in an online course.

Offer free articles to people who visit your website. Say you run a site about parenting. You could offer free articles to your site's visitors as incentive.

Make videos or slideshows based on your new articles. Very few people are capitalizing on this idea, so get in while the competition is so scarce.

Compile articles on a particular topic and save them together in a pdf file and sell it as an e-book.

Our PLR pack is organized by themes which makes it easy for you to quickly arrange and it’s quite easy to turn them into an ecourse simply by adding them to your autoresponder.

Take a PLR article and use it as your topic for a podcast.

Use them in snail-mail campaigns

Sell your articles on your website, just like we are. Of course, you may want to sell them in smaller packs based on your website's niche. You can also charge more than the mere $5 we are asking.

A lot of websites are offering too few or too expensive plr packs. That's why we've combined over 200,000 plr articles. You will never need to download another plr article!

Other Great Ideas (tried each one: 100% legit)