This month's Legit method:  Swagbucks = easy money

There are a ton of fake online money schemes so I won't waste your time with those.  This is a real thing, 100% legit.  You get paid to search.  After a short/free signup you can use the swagbucks search engine and it will reward you with "swag bucks" on some of your searches.  You then trade in the swagbucks for real money in the form of amazon giftcards, paypal moeny, etc.

That's basically all you need to know! No catch (surprisingly).  If you want some tips that I've picked up though read on.. 

There are other ways to make money on swagbucks (polls, surveys, watching videos, playing games, etc) too if you are so inclined.  For me, I just think it is pretty awesome that I can make extra cash for doing absolutelty nothing that I wouldn't already be doing (internet searches).  Since there aren't many really good tips out there, below are a few tips to make the most out of swagbucks.:

Tip 1: Set your default search engine to swagbucks in your internet browser's settings (not hard to do).  That way you don't have to even think about it to be winning money on searches.

Tip 2: Don't give up after 2 or 3 searches.  Winning swagbucks is random.  Sometimes my first or second search is a winner and sometimes it takes 10 or 11 before I win.  Give a chance and you''ll soon be seeing how quick those random wins add up.

Tip 3:  If you want to win faster, just do a lot of searches in a row.  This usually works for me.  Remember that you usually win only once per half hour to an hour or so.

Tip 4:  Get referrals!  You get point for point the same amount of swagbucks that your referees earn.  This can add up fast.